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Thread: Need advice on N-7000 crossover rebuild.

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    Need advice on N-7000 crossover rebuild.

    Hi all. I am rebuilding the N-7000 crossovers on my Metregon and I was wondering what would be the best capacitors to use. There seems to be a wide range to choose from and I would like the best quality and still retain the original sound. It has 1.5 uf paper and wax caps now. I would like to know what type, brand and where I can get them. I would like to rebuild the LX5's also but the caps are encased in some kind of resin. What was the purpose for that and how do you work on them?
    Attached are some photo's.
    Thank you.
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    Solen Polypropylene Caps

    Hi, I'm very happy with the sound of Solen Caps on my 7kc xover, that I use with my JBL 077 tweeters.You can get them from Madisound for less than $5.00 a piece for the N-7000. Mundorf caps are a little better, but they are around $50 a piece!!! Solen's for the Lx5, would be around $10 or so a piece.-RUDY

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