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Thread: McIntosh MA6900 & JBL4425

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    Question McIntosh MA6900 & JBL4425

    Dear all,

    I'm lucky to live with the JBL 4425 and a little Mcintosh MC225 tube amp. Although the 4425 is not the high-end level, it is good enogh for me.

    My setup is:

    ASR battery pre-amp
    McIntosh Mc225
    JBL4425 & ESS AMT Tweeter

    I 'm very impressed by the lovely hi & mid- range of this setting. However, as you may notice, the mc225 is not powerful enough to drive the 12" woofer. I know the solution to get enough power while maintian the beautiful hi & mid is to go for a Mc275. But it will burn my wallet.

    I'm considering to send out the ASRpreamp and Mc225 and get a Mcintosh MA6900 intergrated amp. The question is "does this solid state amp drvie the horn well??"

    I won't expect this matching can deliver the same hi&mid range quality from Mc225 tube. But I'd like to have more exprience speaking on McIntosh Solid State driving horn speaker.



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    I suggest you check out and download the MA6900 Integrated Amplifier Catalog by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

    McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amplifier - Download the MA6900 Integrated Amplifier Catalog by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.

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    Doesnt the MA6900 cost way more than the MC275?? At leas it does so here in Norway. And the Mid and Highs on the MC275 is faaaar better than the MA6900. IMO it also bests the MC252.


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    The MA6900 Integrated Amplifier may be more costly but ir has better quality.

    McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amplifier - Download the MA6900 Integrated Amplifier Catalog by McIntosh Laboratory, Inc

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    I've had both....together....

    and by both, I mean the MC-225 and the MA6500 - the one without the autoformers.

    First a couple of things to consider:

    * Do a crossover cap update on the 4425s. Its not expensive and does make a difference - at least it did for me. This way, you'll have those guys ready for optimum evaluation.

    * Next, ensure that the operating voltages on the MC-225 are ok. The voltage doubler caps and the power supply filter caps, if original, will need updating. While you're in there, the bumble-bee caps - the black ones with the colored bands need to go. Both of these updates will improve the sonic chracteristics of this amp. Parts will run less than $150 plus labor. As long as you don't have a large room or play the 4425s loudly, then you'll be ok. The main benefits for updating the amp are improved authority in the bass and a far more stable stereo image. The JBLs are capable of delivering both if the amp is.

    * Lastly, on the MA6900, you can also get the same sonic benefits of the MC225 but 1) with extra $$ and 2) extra headroom if room size and average playback volume are issues.

    Note that I'm not taking into account issues with resale value of the Mac 225 if you do the recommended updates. I'm in the camp that believes that you need to make old tube amps safe to operate first then worry about market value.

    Hope that helps.



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