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Thread: differential drivers JBL

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    differential drivers JBL

    Hi everyone.Lately I've been interested in JBL drivers with differential motors and so I have some questions about them.Is it true that their distortion is the smallest compared to other JBL flagship speakers but also compared to models from other manufacturers? Are there any graphs that can confirm this? .Is it possible to disassemble and remove the magnet without destroying the driver?Is the design patent freely accessible?It is important for me to get the list of all new and old generation models.Hello and thanks

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    Take a look at the Tech Note, yes they most certainly patented listed in the referenced documents. Distortion is in the Tech Note. Why would you want to take one apart? As far as a list? There is going to be a lot of them many not available. You can get an idea going through the site:

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    I use 2251Js, though not in the application that JBL ever intended. These went into horn enclosures.

    Almost forgot. The W15GTi in one of my subs and W10GTis in my four surround speakers are also differential drive systems.

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    Hi arivel,

    RE Is the design patent freely accessible?

    Generally, a patent should be available to the public at the patent office in the country where it was filed.

    You might even be able to search for JBL patents with the internet, if the USA patent office offers connected services online?

    In order for you and others to get an idea of what a patent looks like, i'm attaching the following, its an actual one granted in 1982 i'm using for example, and this being for the GOLLEHON loudspeaker horn patent.

    Please don't repost or copy elsewhere.

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    When ever you are looking for general Tech information look through the "Sticky" threads at the top of the page.

    There is a lot of information in Patent Parade.

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