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Thread: STX815 - VS - STX825 Waveguides?

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    STX815 - VS - STX825 Waveguides?

    Has anyone ever figured out what the differences are between these 2? Can one be crossed over lower than the other? Does one work better with the 2450SL than the other?

    STX 815 part # - 5006219
    HF used - 2432H
    X-Over - 1.8kHz
    Current $ - 44.00US
    Also used in - Unknown

    STX825 part # - 5006815
    HF used - 2453H
    X-Over - 1.3kHz
    Current $ - 60.00US
    Also used in - SRX812P, SRX815P, VTX-F12, VTX-F15

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    They have different coverage angles

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    They may look the same but are different in more areas than coverage.

    If you intend to use a 4" 1,5" driver for HiFi use the 6815 is clearly a better choice. It is the wave guide JBL use in the VTX12/15.

    If you use the 2453 driver on the 6815 you will need a 1cm adapter between the wave guide and the driver.

    Not needed for 2447, 2450SL, 2451 or 2452. You can find additional info in the forum on that. D2/2430K also works fine on the 6815, as in the VTX F12/15.

    However I prefer the the 4" with an SL diaphragm on the 6815.

    I have limited experience using the 243X series drivers as the 4" is about the same price used and IMHO vastly superior.

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