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Thread: Dayton Audio DSP408

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    Dayton Audio DSP408

    Need help to set up 4-way Dayton Audio DSP408: Woofer : Jbl 2245hMid-bass: Jbl 2123hMid: JBl 2441/H93High: Jbl 2405Currently setting 2245: 20hz-60hz2123: 80-5002241: 500-80002405: 8000-20k. Donít have any JBl crossover Thank you

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    I have a suggestion on your crossover points. I would adjust them to be similar to what JBL would use for that driver set. You don't mention box sizes and enclosure types for the drivers.

    I will assume you have the 2245 in about 8 cubit ft or so in a reflex tuned box say 30Hz or lower. The 2123 would be in a .5 cubic ft sealed sub-enclosure medium fill.

    That said crossover set to the 2123 approximately 300 Hz to about 1.5k and then crossover at about 10K

    The 2123 can do lower in a separate reflex box but the 10" drivers in the large format monitors were always in sealed sub-enclosures crossed around upper 200-s to lower 300's

    You can try the slopes and crossover frequencies referenced in the attached speaker spec sheets as a starting point when you set up your DSP.

    The 2123 can have a rising frequency response so you may have adjust with a low Q notch PEQ in the upper range of the driver. I use 2123's from 300 to 1.5K no notch so see what works for you.


    Here is the 4355 as an additional reference
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    A JBL 4345 tip from Ian Mackenzie 4343 4344 4345

    Set up your 4345 active bi amp crossovers as follows:

    Woofer to midrange Linkwitz 2nd order low and high pass @300 hertz with reverse electrical phase on the 2123H

    This will sum the acoustic response flat. The crossover point of each driver is -6 db with perfect transient response due to the low Q of the filter. The subjectivity of the translation is perfect.


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