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Thread: Ken At Upland?

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    I'll never send Ken another job or another customer. In fact, when I sold my L150A's, I specifically warned the guy about him. Biggest loss in my audio journey so far, but now that it's over those wounds are almost healed.

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    I sent ken a pair of 4425 woofs for full rebuild back in 2000. With some bugging it took 3 months. The workmanship and results were superb. Now I have a pair of 2234h needing full service. Looks like Ken has slipped a bit more since last time. Any advice?

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    Ken at Uplands is not the only one doing JBL work

    I had REALLY good luck with John Harding at Scavenger Sound in Glen Burnie, MD. earlier this year. He's a long time Sound system guy with many years of of experience with JBL & Harman gear,
    is conscientious about offering reasonable turn-around times for work to be done, and doing it within the deadline.
    I know a number of other folks here can also vouch for his work.

    Scavenger Sound
    1011 Rose Anne Rd
    Glen Burnie, MD 21060
    2ch: WiiM Pro; Topping E30 II DAC; Oppo, Acurus RL-11, Acurus A200, JBL Dynamics Project - Offline: L212-TwinStack, VonSchweikert VR-4
    7: TIVO, Oppo BDP103D, B&K, 2pr UREI 809A, TF600, JBL B460

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    Plus 1 for John. Long time member here (OLDMICS) but like many doesn't post very often any longer. I got his number from JBL Pro back in the '90s. He's been a great resource and has done any re-cone or surround work I've needed since, plus helping me with a few other projects. Highly recommended.

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    Nice to know...How long has he been in business? I will keep his information, but these days you just never know how long people will continue to do this type of work.

    I used to live not far from him when I lived in Glen Burnie years ago (not that I knew of him, at that time my sights were set on a new set of Klipschorns that a friend in Glen Burnie introduced me to).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmc8180 View Post
    Nice to know...How long has he been in business?
    Like since the dawn of time... a great guy too.


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    One more recommended shop

    Deltronics - Chicago and Woodridge locations. SB
    Steve Barnes

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