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Thread: What does this mean: "cone dusted with black matte paint"

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    What does this mean: "cone dusted with black matte paint"

    I mean, besides the obvious someone painted the cone. Not sure how or why you 'dust' with paint... nor why someone would do that to a woofer cone??! Maybe to touch up imperfections like cracks and such?

    What do y'all think of this procedure?

    It's on a 2032H.

    Description is:
    Up for auction is a JBL 2032H 15" 500w 8 ohm woofer. Unit has been fully tested, no coil rub, no holes, tears or repairs. Surround and spider in good condition. Woofer has been cleaned up and cone dusted with black matte paint.

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    Probably was faded so for cosmetics they painted it. Obvious in the photo's just look at the gasket.

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    Pretty clear from the pattern pressed by the metal grill in to the gasket that this driver was in a PA box and likely lived a hard life. Covering the beer and mud splatters comes to mind.

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