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Thread: Pacific NW Audio Fest, A Short Report

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Kreamer View Post
    A personal note;
    My wife of 47 years now suffers with the most horrible disease of our time; Alzheimers. I won't belabor that she is being taken from me and our children in drips and drabs every day. I hope none you will ever have to face it.

    Yes it is a TERRIBLE disease for sure. I'm sorry for you and your family. I care give for my Mother and I know first hand the pain it causes to to others. She is in later stage so it devastating to her and me too. Sad to see someone you love with basically no operating system on board.
    Take care and hang in there. Cheers

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    On with the Show


    In a feeble attempt to get this thread back on track , I would offer the following;

    but first I wish to thank the well wishers who said supportive things;

    Thank You

    I have to admit that I don't consider myself an Audiophile. I am a music listener/lover and occupy the spectrum somewhere between music listener and audiophile. I'm in it to listen to Strauss, Mahler and Bruckner at concert level.
    I do enjoy watching a 101/2 inch tape machine working while I'm listening to my JBL"s with a libation in my hand. Why JBL's ? Because they sound more like live music than anything else. depending on the recording of course.

    I very much enjoyed the audio show. even if it was truncated. It was Kind of like wandering around a Rolls Royce, Grosser Mercedes, or a concourse de' elegance auto show. you can look but you better not touch.
    It was all 2 channel, I didn't see any presentation featuring multi channel audio. I would like to hear from any who attended the event, and what they thought was the best presentation For me it was the Genesis room,(free coffee and doughnuts) and the Olson Audio room, classical music and rtr tape.

    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.



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    Hey Ed,

    Just talked to a friend today who also attended. He mentioned a room of "Not For Sale" gear that he really liked. He thought maybe some of it was JBL but he wasn't sure. Did you happen to visit that room?

    I just looked at the Stereophile coverage and they mentioned it in passing but didn't describe it.

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    Thanks Rusty,

    Iwould have loved to see the NFS room. I recall seeing speakers like that somewhere else, using vintage Altec drivers. 414's for the bass and an 806 for the horn.
    If my assumption is correct, it's too bad that that room could have been coordinated Great Plains Audio's exhibit.


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    Thanks for sharing. The NFS audio thing is so cool. Mike Alazard is a local friend of mine. What a great guy he is.

    They’re about the fun of it for sure.
    If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't call it research would we.

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