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Thread: JBL L200B with 2216nd, LE85/H91, and 077. Crossover recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alskinner View Post
    The L300 by today's technology is pretty ancient, but damn they're fun to listen to. My goal is to make them sound the best they can be with what I have to work with.
    Understood and Agreed!

    Quote Originally Posted by alskinner View Post
    I do have one question. What source is used to test speakers with. I mean would one use white noise or is there a standard source? Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere on the forum.
    Use pink noise. I burned a CD with pink noise on it and often use that, or you can use the headphone jack on your phone and plug that into the system.

    I also use sine sweep tones and others that are specific to different applications, but for general use pink noise is the one to use.


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    There are some useful tools here. Like all things diy the proviso is the user has an understanding of what the tools are, how to use the tools, when to use them and what the results mean?

    If your patient with a learning curve REW in its latest version is by far the most accurate and economical bit of test kit a diy audio person can have.

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    Thanks Ian,

    I do have the Audio Tools and am endeavoring to start the learning process. As soon as my microphone arrives I will try REW also. I may go into seclusion for a while until I'm comfortable with the processes. If it's OK I may from time to time PM some of you all to look at some of my results and the way I came about them to see if I'm on the right track. Not that I want to be secretive I just don't want to confuse anyone until I am comfortable with what I'm doing.
    Thanks to all for the help and guidance.

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