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David on the topic of alternative loudspeakers. Over the years l have corresponded with some loudspeaker builders in Paris
Really? i want names cause for my simple E9 shortcircuit i had 4 refusals to look at the 4430 crossover! And this intervention on the N3134 was about puting them back to stock after they have been massacred by a crock who took 600 € for that dirty work.
Not mentionning the amp techs here I could detail the incomptence of 6 to 7 of them around me. If ever i have an issue with the Mc it will go in germany or in the states no matter what it costs for shiping.

Look, if i don't have the money to make hifi gear roll, and to have a room , i might just learn something. That is what i tried to do 7 years ago by building a frankenstein JBL with LE14 A and 2426H. Just training;
I bought the DAT from parts express and started to get my real thiele ans Small parameters in order to buold the box. 3 to 4 of them were not to JBL specs.... pb with the second hand woofer ? problem with the tool ? When you start questionning your measuring instruments it s game over.
then there was this box simulation software. After 700 € of woodcuting to the simulated response, i built the damn thing. never did in real life what was on the screen. something i did wrong with the app ? the app it self ? I'll never knew. even the vent length did not do...
All i know is Richard here laugthing at my realisation calling it made by "el chipo"...
Now, call me stuborn, i would like to learn the passive crossover design software. With what hope of success considering my mediocre results in the past ?

I have spent the last six years with my son on the moto track. all my time and money went to his sport, there was nothing left for hifi but crumbs,
he stopped 3 mont ago and my hobby is resurfacing. let's see how it goes.
To return to the monthy pithon and the holly graal, : as every one knows, the path is the goal.