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Thread: Really late bloomer .ALTEC

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    Really late bloomer .ALTEC

    I find myself asking why so freaking long to finally want a pair of altec 19. Ever since covid I had a chance to slow down and spend more time exploring the tube audio sound. The more I got into it the more I kept hearing about the sound of the altec 19. Which brings me here. So like I need another pair of speakers. So here I go I want to have a pair custom build 19. Where should I go to find decent drivers . What should I stay away from. I have a guy who is going to build the cabs for me. Anyone knows of xover upgrades. Thanks

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    Economically, IMHO you'll be further ahead if you buy a used pair of Model 19's .

    A custom build ( using these following GPA parts ) will push the build up into 5K-6K territory .

    GPA Compression Drivers x2 = $1,800.00

    GPA 416-8B woofer x2 = $2,480.00

    Model-19 Crossover x2 = $480.00

    All those prices are minus shipping charges and any appropriate state taxes.

    Used M19's seem to still sell a bit shy of $3,500.00 ( and OEM will always have a better resale value ).

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    Check out ePay, I built mine using OEM parts I found there, I still have a pair of horns if you are interested.

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