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Thread: Live Show Sound Quality

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Mackenzie View Post
    Hi Phil,

    The trains are very good over there. They are actually on time. I’ve always commuted by train to and from NYC when visiting. As l recall l had to change trains at Jamaica to get the Long Island rail line. I was escorted across the road to the Long Island line by a nice tall black American gentleman so l would get mugged! He joked with me about the Crocodile Dundee movie. The trip by train to Washington is nice. I’ve also caught the train up to Boston then driven around Maine up as far as Bar Harbour. Dang nice seafood up there.
    Hello Ian

    Things are a bit different the past couple years. There is a lot of track maintenance and improvements and some are posted some are not. The LIRR is still very good, the subway can be hit or miss. You have to be on your toes especially late night after 10 pm heading home. You come in go to the show and return to go home and the subway station is closed as an example. They usually post these closures but sometimes not. They always have a work around but when you are trying to get back to Penn Station to hit your train more often than not you miss it and are on the next one from the delays.

    That can be an issue going to work the next day walking in the door at 1AM!

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    Yes it would be.

    Perhaps shack up with a nice punter in Manhattan overnight.

    See my attachment below.
    That’s what l would do…Lol. Why do the round trip when you can rise to the occasion the next morning and then go for a jog around Central Park.

    I mean what a way to start your day!
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