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Thread: WAF Loudspeaker Industrial design

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    WAF Loudspeaker Industrial design

    Hello all Cool forum members

    How often have you dreamed of the ultimate wall of sound with your most prized drivers only to have it held in the back of your mind for fear of the WAF?

    In my former reincarnation l was happily married and my wife actually accepted the concept of something along the lines of an OMA Monarch in the house. Known in some hi end design circles as the butterfly loudspeaker.

    Referring to the link you can see the concept. The brilliance in this industrial design is to disguise an otherwise ugly box that sounds good into something that will be a welcome talking point in the home.

    The wings are more than cosmetic. In combination with the scaled up compression driver throat the
    the wings form a conical horn which loads the woofer down to about 70 hertz. Placed in a corner the loading extends and the 1/4 Pi loading helps create high efficiency down the lower octaves. The gain on the horn can be manipulated but itís about 6-8 db so the efficiency is up around 99 db 1 watt. In simple terms rather than have a bass reflex enclosure boom with the typical bass hump by lifting the overall system efficiency the response is equalised.

    I have simulated the JBL 2216nd in Hornresponse modelling and it works quite nicely. The key is to set up the throat chamber with the horn to provide the required bandwidth and efficiency. The 140 litre enclosure is bass reflex and ports out via the throat into the horn.

    The wings are angled precisely to provide the correct loading and can be cut from veneered plywood.
    The HF horn can be anything really but l am looking at the M2 horn or an AH700 conical horn. I have both and a choice of the JBL D2, a 2447 or a Tad 4003.

    My next step is to mock up the concept and perform some measurements.
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    I think these look pretty cool, more avant-garde. Iím not much of a speaker in the living room type guy but these I would make an exception if I had the room. The M2 components would integrate really well visually and sonically.


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    Finally someone looking at speakers from a design standpoint aswell!
    I am very excited for your project and will be very happy to follow it along the way
    Especially with high efficiency speakers it's so hard to get them to look pleasing to the normal persons eye

    best regards and luck from Germany

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    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to this project now.

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    Thank you for your interest.

    Itís something different. Wait till l post pics of the massive cast aluminium conical horn.

    All the technical stuff will be linked to my own website portal. I have some print /photo interviews líve done with Nelson Pass and Greg Timbers that l plan to write up on my portal. Once thatís ready l will let you know.

    Iím also doing an OMA Mini clone too. That is also a really cool design.

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