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Thread: I have a JBL Transformer MBT-10 23910 does anyone know the specs and what it was for?

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    Question I have a JBL Transformer MBT-10 23910 does anyone know the specs and what it was for?

    I'm trying to identify a pile of parts my father left to me, He was an Altec- JBL- Gauss engineer from the 50's thru the late 70's. I have transistors to SA 660 amps, ETC, rectifiers, caps, and other things I don't know what they are? Neither does google. I want to get them out there to people who need them. I put the output transistors I could Identify on ebay. They don't make them anymore. I need this stuff gone. I have some other parts I've listed if you go look them up, I just took a guess on price. I have Motorola 13298,13299, 13300, 13301 Transistors and many others I can't identify.

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    Post some general pictures of the parts and pieces, you may find your market for it is right here!

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