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Thread: 2226H reconning?

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    2226H reconning?

    Hello Everyone,

    I found a pair of JBL 2226H subs, however they are rubbing so my question is, are they worth buying to recone them myself, never done it before, but I consider myself pretty handy, so I think I can follow the videos and instructions. any advise would be appreciated, speakers are going for 140 for the pair , recone kits for 160 for both for a total of 300 if I do it correctly.

    should i go for it?


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    I'd say pass ( don't buy ).

    You've mentioned wanting these as sub-woofers.

    The long and short of it is > 2226h are great highly efficient woofers ( but they are not sub-woofers ) having little ( to no ) output below their resonant frequency ( 40 hz ) .

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    Probably off topic, but I think in the vernacular of the uninitiated, "subwoofer" refers to anything that we would call a woofer. Be it a 6.5" mid bass driver or an 18" subwoofer. I am not sure when this happened, but perhaps in a world where most people are familiar with tiny bluetooth speakers as their version of "hi-fi", a five or six inch driver is considered such a massive device, it must be a subwoofer and any 15" driver simply has to be a sub!

    I am not suggesting that Tron21 is in this camp, but for those of us trying to give advice to the general public, we need to keep in mind that many may be misusing terms that have specific meaning.

    Back on topic, I agree with Earl's comments 100%.


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    Apologies if I wrote it in a confusing term, but thank you for your feedback, I will pass on that offer then. I wanted to used them as Mids.
    Thank you.

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