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Thread: JBL M2 / SUB18 and BSS BLU-160

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    Great thread.

    I get it that your passionate and take on the problem solving as a challenge. But standing back the whole thing is centric searching for the right advice, learning and discovery.

    When do you get time to listen to your music?

    I watched a video by Mitch who is now offering to setup these software based dsp crossover/ room corrections for a fee of US$500.00. Those that have made the commitment to do this are very positive about the outcome.

    The thing is there is a point where you say to your self is there a smart /more effective way of sorting out this dsp world? Youíve made the investment in the hardware just like a premium home theatre build. If you can afford that then it stands to reason that you can afford the professional installer to setup and calibrate the whole thing for a fee and it will work the way itís supposed to at the outset. Not months or years later.

    As far as diy goes in anything when youíve committed to a descent investment in hardware thereís no shame or guilt in obtaining/paying for the right advice, assistance and getting done right the first time. Donít kid yourself that your going to make it happen because your ego says youíve got to do. People have killed themselves climbing Mt Everest because they didnít take the challenge seriously.

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    I approach the whole audio hobby as an exercise in curiosity, learning and above all else fun. For me there are two sides to the hobby, the DIY aspect of audio (building speakers or amplifiers etc.) and then the enjoyment of listening to music. Iím not too stressed with needing to have the most utopian of home sound systems, it is what it is warts and all.

    Iím well aware of Mitch and his services which are very reasonably priced and have viewed all his videos. He has also done everyone a favor and written a book on the topic, Iím a big fan of RFM so before I contract Mitch, Iíll give it a go. At least with this approach Iíll be able to have an intelligent conversation with him during the process. The only time you really learn things is by making mistakes. The whole purpose of this journey is learning, I like getting down in the mud and grubbing around. I would get absolutely no satisfaction having a third-party hand over a prepackaged solution whereís the fun in that? With my lasted adventure I now know more about external clocking that Iíll ever need but thatís fine.

    Iím also very conscious of time versus money, Iíll only spend my time these days with things that Iím interested in, no more house painting or deck building for me been there done that.

    And yes, I do actually spend time listening to the musicÖ

    This morning Rachmaninov piano concertos featuring Yuja Wang. Yesterday Jethro Tull Aqualung Ė Steve Wilson Remix Ė if youíre a Tull fan the Steve Wilson "Remixes" are out of this world, the sound quality is exponentially better than the originals. Last week a lot of Jeff Beck unfortunatelyÖ

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