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Thread: 2402 Bullet Diaphragm replacement

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    2402 Bullet Diaphragm replacement

    Hi Team
    I replaced some diaphragms in a pair of 2402 bullet speakers. Got them from a well known speaker supplier in mid-West. They were not cheap and they did not seem AliExpress quality.....

    When I tried them out I found the volume level was next to zero. I had to put my ear to the speaker to hear that it was playing and it seemed clear, just very low. On contacting the supplier they suggested the diaphragm needed adjustment by loosening the bullet and moving all the parts around whilst connected to the system and playing.

    Anyone know the full correct way to adjust for max volume ?

    Thanks in advance

    Neil M

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    Your magnet could be weak. What is the resistance of the diaphragm?

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    I get 6.6 ohms

    Specs for part says -
    • Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 6 ohm

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    Any chance the leads are shorted to the body after they were soldered to the terminal.

    When tightening the phase plug / bullet if it turns you most likely will wrinkle the diaphragm.

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    6.6 vs 6 is not a big difference and might be explained by the multimeter.

    Have you measured your meter's residual resistance before ? Many folks forget to do this and since they use a regular or low quality meter this matter.

    Set meter in ohm mode, and hold both test leads together until the number on readout is stable. What do you get in terms of reading? (my cheap $30. meter gives me 0.6 0hm, this is the residual meter resistance).

    You need to always subtract the residual meter number from readings you get when measuring DCR, otherwise you get inflated results that are not real, but simply due to meter accuracy tolerance.


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