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Thread: 4312 crossover with 123a-1

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    4312 crossover with 123a-1

    HI a long time ago I changed 2213H which had deteriorated suspension with a 123A-1 believing they were interchangeable.
    Now I have discovered that 2213h is a negative transducer and 123a-1 is a positive transducer.
    What should I do now since the crossover is original... reverse the cables that come from the cross over behind the 123a-1?
    or you have to change the cross over ??
    someone can help me technically

    thanks luigi

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    This one is an easy fix. Late post, but...

    Belated Greetings,
    All you would need to do is reverse the pair of wires going to the woofer, since the woofers are the only component that have been changed. I suggest that you listen to the monitors one at a time, with the woofers wired in each configuration. Listen one monitor, then reverse the woofer wires and listen to it again.

    When the woofer is not phased correctly in relationship to the mid and high drivers, you should notice a significant degradation in sound quality. It will be quite obvious, especially when listening to the vocal range of frequencies.
    Some years ago I ran into a similar situation after rewiring my 4410 monitors and not labeling everything properly. With the midrange drivers connected the wrong way, the previously excellent sounding 4410's were absolutely unlistenable.
    When doing the listening tests, be sure to listen from several different locations in the room, to avoid choosing the wrong configuration because the characteristics of the room might happen to interact with the speakers and create a somewhat "sweet spot" at one listening position, and if it did, that position would likely be the one and only position where an improperly phased 4312 could sound more or less listenable.
    I hope this helps you. I wish that I had noticed your post earlier. By the way, what style of music is your main choice?
    Regards, D.E.

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