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Thread: Looking for model name of a vintage JBL speaker.

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    Looking for model name of a vintage JBL speaker.


    I am looking for the model number or name of old JBL speakers.

    There is no information attacted on speakres.

    I disassembled one of speakers and it had a 15" JBL 2226HPL equipped to it.

    I only know below informations.

    1) Speaker size is 15"
    2) JBL 2226HPL woofer (probably peavey 1502 model).

    And someone told me this is not a real JBL speakers.

    Please let me information about these speaker.

    Thank you.

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    The gray boxes look like a custom build....maybe they could have been a custom shop JBL build.

    The black box looks like a SR series clone or a modded SR cabinet.

    Post a picture of the connectors on the back of those speakers.

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