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Thread: RIP Seawolf

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    He thought he was dreaming, then realized he'd come awake. Bon voyage, Mr. AB Seawolf--bon voyage.
    "Audio is filled with dangerous amateurs." --- Tim de Paravicini

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    So sad. R.I.P. Seawolf, and all of my condolences to his family and friends!

    Best regards!

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    A loss to many, I am sure. He liked to keep things honest and grounded. A worthy member to this group.

    Thank you Widget for noticing his absence and reaching out to learn this sad news.
    David F
    San Jose

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    A late goodbye, Tom.

    I noticed Widget's post about the box of CDs tonight and now I know too. What communications he and I had on the forums had been fun and friendly for many years now. We were pretty close in age but I agree, he should have been able to live longer than he did.

    Of late he streamed instead of playing vinyl, and became quite taken with private listening. Tom was no old fogey standing still in a cultural stasis. He and I bicycled for the same reasons. To ride instead of taking a car, to move the muscles and lungs, to be in the breeze and mostly to feel alive. I had come to realize lately how much we had in common, and that increases my sadness for some reason. I hope his wife will be well cared for. Nothing would have pleased him more.
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    RIP My Friend

    So much has happened during my absence from this forum. This is one thread I did not want to see, but am pleased that so many remembered and spoke well of Tom.

    I am blessed to have known Tom personally. We worked for several years together in the same IT department. He was one of those people that made everything better just by being there. I learned much from him.

    We lost contact when I changed jobs and moved halfway across the country. It was a surprise to get this PM from SEAWOLF97 shortly after moving back to the Portland area and delving into my love of JBL on this web site I ran across doing web searches.

    is it XXXXX ?

    clues seem to add up to Paul XXXX ? pardon me if I'm wrong


    So we reconnected. I was privileged to get to hear his 250Ti's and Ohm Walsh setups, both powered by a BGW 750-D that had a Disneyland sticker on it. He had an amazing collection of gear since one of his hobbies was flipping thing he found locally and would continuously replace old gear with new if the new was better.

    Tom was a gracious man and a kind soul. You have never met a more gracious host or someone who could hold a conversation on any subject. I was hoping to reconnect yet again when I saw the RIP on his profile.

    All the kind comments are no surprise. It's a reminder that life is short and to not take it for granted.

    I miss you my friend,
    "Zobel is as zobel does"

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    The second anniversary of his death will be soon july 30th and i haven't forgotten about him, RIP.
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    Yeah, its surreal to think he's been gone two years.

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