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Thread: JBL 6230 Owners here?

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    JBL 6230 Owners here?

    Hey Hey,

    i am a newbie who recently got into Audio and who just discovered this nice board here I got myself a JBL 6230 and some 4311īs which I recently recapped. Sound is awesome, detailled and cristal clear but never too much. I use a Bozak CMA as a pre-amp. Since I had this amp, Iīve always used it with a power conditioner. It was dead quite - I now changed the setup and use the conditioner now for my dvd player. With the 6230 turned on now, I can hear a faint sizzling-buzzing sound. I never heard that sound before, could that be because i stopped using the conditioner and is that something i would have to expect from an old amp like the 6230? Iīve recently read that iīm better off not using the condironer for amps because of the 0,5 output it has? Not sure what that means but yea, i thought maybe you guys can help. My friend also has a 6230 and hears sizzling/buzzing sounds. We both live in 120 year old houses with old electrics - could this be a reason?

    Also, i really canīt hear any difference when i hook up my Marantz 2270, what is wrong with me? Can a pro amp like that be compared to classic hi-fi amps/receiver ?


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    Whether anyone hears a difference between amps depends on a lot of things. Don't be embarrassed about enjoying the sound of the 6230; it's a nice amp. It is a later design than the Marantz, from the days when there was a heightened awareness of the negative effects of transient intermodulation distortion, so it might even be better.

    I don't think I know enough about balancing various pieces of equipment in a system, and your description of the problem means little to me except that you might be having two separate problems. But. . .1) using both a preamp and an amp with input sensitivity adjustment you have to consider "gain structure"; 2) the tweeter in the 4311 may be a little peaky, which would make matters worse; 3) the 62XX series of amps can evince transformer buzz, which you will hear directly, not through the speakers, sometimes with a sympathetic buzz in the case lid; 4)—last and most likely—the conditioner you moved to another spot may have been solving a ground loop which you are now experiencing.
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