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Thread: L100 Raffle

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    L100 Raffle

    I want to thank everyone that has participated in the L100 raffle for Project May. The response has been very encouraging and humbling. To date, we have raised nearly $1,800. As was expected, we experienced an initial onslaught in ticket purchases that has currently subsided. Over the past few days, I had been planning to post an update and further appeal towards meeting our target of $3,000. However, in light of disaster in east Asia, the priorities seemed all wrong. After discussing this issue with our Project May committee, we decided to use part of the proceeds of this raffle as a means of raising aid for the victims of the tsunami. Therefore, 15% of money raised in the raffle will be sent as aid in disaster relief. Since this aid is needed now, our Treasurer, Dennis Leisz will be making an immediate donation of $300 to Sarvodaya USA. The charity is recommended by Sri Lankan resident Sir Arthur C. Clarke who stated “This agency is the largest development charity in Sri Lanka, which has a 45-year track record in reaching out and helping the poorest of the poor. Sarvodaya has mounted a well organized, countrywide relief effort using their countrywide network of offices and volunteers who work in all parts of the country, well above ethnic and other divisions.” Thank you again for your participation in this raffle.


    Don McRitchie

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    OK! 'Might as well donate more here rather than elswhere - where else will a charitable donation also get you a chance at a nice set of speakers!


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    Bill allows deducting Jan 2005 donations to Tsunami relief on your 2004 Tax Return

    Also as a matter of note, a bill was passed last week that allows contributions made to Tsunami relief organizations during the month of January 2005 to be deductible against a US taxpayers 2004 Federal Tax Return. This is an excerpt from: "....making a donation by 1/31/05 will qualify for a tax-deduction for 2004. This is a special month-long extension. Be sure to write "tsunami relief" on any check or notation if an online gift is made. For gifts of $250 or more, be sure to ask for a receipt. Most organizations provide receipts automatically for online donations."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don McRitchie
    ..... donation of $300 to Sarvodaya USA. ....

    Please help us save more info about the vintage systems. Let us register your speakers and drivers.

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    That's Class Don!

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