Does anyone have a 240Ti or 250Ti grille peg off their grille to get me an accurate dimension? I know the 120Ti is a ball type peg and 18Ti is the same except the 18 is molded into the grille itself. The 240/250 peg could be used for the 120 seeing that they all have the same insert dimensions..just one is a straight peg and one has a ball end. The 18 would have to be modified to work on their plastic grille frame..maybe with a screw attachment from the front of the frame.

I have been kicking around the idea of having these made of steel then have them black anodized. That way a magnet could be inserted into the plastic insert that is pressed into cabinet...creating a better attachment and retaining the stock look.

Anyway...I need the dimension of the area with the question mark in the drawing if you happen to have it. Also the it ribbed or threaded or whatever? I dont want to pull one out if I dont need to. Thanks.

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