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Thread: Solo Karaoke

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    Solo Karaoke

    In this BBC feature about the rise of solo culture in Japan, solo karaoke is covered. While generally a product of getting drunk together, the solo adherents make a good case for preferring to go it alone. Interesting how it is done, with private roomettes and headphones.
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    That's strange for me!

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    Hi. In fact, there are karaoke rooms not only in Japan but also in South Korea. It is common and very popular, both among locals and tourists. My friend told me stories from her trip to South Korea and said that I would definitely like it there. I also dream of going to such karaoke sometime. After all, she and I often liked to turn on at my house and sing various songs to relax. Many people like to turn on their favorite song like this and sing along with their favorite singer. That's why we did it often and got a lot of pleasure from it.

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