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Thread: Crown iTech fans

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    Crown iTech fans

    Have anyone experimentet with replacing fans on iTech amps?

    As far as I’ve read they use very high power (and noisy) 70x70 and 60x60 fans.

    The problem is that the fans are controlled from the amp via 4 wire cable: stable 12v, PWM and tachometric. If one replace the fan with a lower RPM the amp goes into protect.

    Any idea how to get a good solution for replacing fans so the iTech can be used within the hifi/HT room??

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    I think I'd start by looking up the original fan by its maker and part number.
    Then start looking in fan spec tables for something similar but quieter. Try this:

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    From another user/website:
    The amp has two fans, the one that cools the amplifier modules is a 70x70x35mm, 12v 1.1A, Nidec UltraFlo fan (model T70E12BUA5) capable of running up to 10,000 RPM. The other fan cools the power supply and is a San Ace 60, 24v 0.85A fan. Both fans are regular 4pin PWM fans.
    Adding a resistor to the fan power does slow the fan but the amp goes into “protect” mode.
    Changing the fan with a slower fan also makes the amp go into “protect” mode.
    The amp is too smart, it monitors the fan speed and knows how fast the fans should be running when it detects a lower RPM than it is expecting the amp goes into “protect” mode.
    The crown manual states “variable-speed fans with tachometer feedback. Microprocessor monitors fans, and signals an

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    If you find a reliable solution, I would love to know and would make the modifications. My equipment is going to be in a closed equipment closet, but if it is still audible, and there is no fan mod, I will move the amp to my basement equipment rack where no one but the mice will hear it Good luck!
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