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I think it depends if you like to tinker and play.

I personally can’t live without at least bi amping for that rocket fuelled visceral impact. A full passive system is the ultimate in simplicity but it’s like driving an underpowered Toyota Prado diesel towing a van into a headwind. 135 kw is no fun ��. In comparison my Nissan Patrol’s 300 kw HP 98 octane fire breathing direct injected 5.7L V8 with full time 4WD you experience everything happening instantaneously. No lag, no waiting to get past that shit box in front of you!

I might put the digital plate woofer amp on the rear panel of my wonderful but ancient 4345 clones.

That way l don’t need all those egg cup holders to keep the speaker cables off the floor…..Lol. Everything matters with Audio….Lol
Please tell me Ian that you DON"T leave your speaker cables to touch the floor....eeeekkkk.
Are you mad man?
Don't you know that's how Government Demons can infiltrate your copper and contaminate you cable ends. I heard of one guy who left cables on the floor and ended up eating at Arby's. You really want that Ian? For you and you family. Even your Grand kids will mock you and disown Gumpa
I suggest without any further hesitation you do what I do.
Nail them to the ceiling with 6 inch timber spikes. Right threw em nice and clean like.
Now there you go....go and get a baconator now. Demon free too.
If there's 2 things I know ( and that's about it ) it's cables and fast food.