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Thread: Crown DCI -> M2 preset

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    Crown DCI -> M2 preset

    Consider buying Crown DCi 4x600N and 4x1250N for my 3xM2 DIY and subs.

    But I read the M2 preset are looked!?

    Does this mean that I can't do any adjustments With the DSP at all? And do it also mean that all 4xDSP settings are looked so I can't use DCI1250N for 1xM2 and 2xsubs?

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    Great question! I just took delivery of my M2s and a DCi 4x1250 and will try to install the files this week. Since your post, have you found an answer to your question? How tricky is it to install these DSP files? Do you have any resources you could point me to? Did you figure out if the files are locked or can you adjust the settings?

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