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Thread: Valencias to be

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    Valencias to be


    Around 1969 - 70, I was at the home of new friends listening to some music. They had some Altec Lansing speakers with a large woofer, horn and maybe a round port (maybe 2). I donít know the model, just that they were Altec Lansings. A4 keeps coming to mind if there is such a thing. Anyway, from that day on Iíve wanted some Altecs of my own.
    In recent years, Iíve gathered information on different Altec products and some knowledge of how they work. Compared to you guys, not much. In the beginning, I thought of building A7s but later I fell in love with Model 19s for obvious reasons and intended to make my own Model 19 cabinets. Iím getting on in years, 71, and have a harder time doing things I used do be able to do, like make nice cabinets, and it would be some time, if ever, that Iíd accomplish that feat. I have collected some basic ingredients - all in good order.
    However! I recently stumbled upon some very nice 846A Valencia empty cabinets, for $250, which I snatched up. Mainly, I would like to know if the Valencia cabs and the following components would make some decent home speakers.

    The items I have collected include:
    2 - 811Bs
    2 - 807-8A drivers
    2 - Genuine Model 19 crossovers/attenuators
    2 - 3156 speakers

    (I know that 3156s are not typical for this use. I have an eye out for some 416 Zs but, budget may or may not allow.)

    I'm already learning about improvements and modifications but, my usual tendencies prefer sticking close to original. I am not expecting perfection as my ears are also 71 years old. Just some good listening on some nice, typical Valencias. Plus, the satisfaction of somewhat "doing it myself"



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    You still there, Junior? Just saw your post.

    The components you have should work fine in the Valencia cabs, though the 3156 woofers may not deliver the performance one would expect from the excellent 416Zs.

    I'll bet by now that you've already assembled these. What do you think?


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