Hi All,

So recently I embarked on a quest, to reduce the perceived harshness and glare of my beloved JBL 4312a Control Monitors. Through support from different sources, including this forum, I decided to undertake my first ever crossover upgrade. In temporarily retiring the JBLs, I decided I needed some perspective on my system, gear and room. After much research I decided on purchasing a used, but properly loved, maintained and refurbished pair of Infinity Kappa 7's.

Immediately, the Kappa 7's revealed that my brand new Conrad-Johnson MF 2275 amp was not powerful enough to drive them. After finding a suitable amp, I am now hearing what the Kappas can do--a powerfu, incredible 'bass bed' is laid out in my room, upon which and integrated well play the present but a bit sizzley midrange and the fascinating Emit ribbon tweeters.

The Infinity's with my Yamaha P2350 amp played well, were very dynamic and never harsh or the cause of listening fatigue. With my new Behringer EP4000, recommended by a reputable amplifier designer as a likely better fit for the Kappas, they became a bit more harsh, high end had to be attenuated more aggressively using the Kappas L-pads.

What is sorely missing from the Infinity's is the incredible, holographic soundstage that the JBL 4312a's can produce once you have placed the Monitors properly and are seated in the human-head-width sweet spot.

What JBL speaker will produce the incredible bass and dynamics of the Kappas, be as non-fatiguing but give me the incredible stereo image that the 4312a's can produce?

Any suggestions on improving the Kappas or 4312a's are welcomed. Any other 'must hear' speaker suggestions are welcomed as well.

Thanks all! Love this forum and feel more and more love for all the builders and appreciators of fine sound in this world.