I'm trying to design a circuit which produces a 17KHz pure sine wave from a speaker using the following components:

  • PIC16F1783 (microcontroller with DAC)
  • an LM386 amplifier and an 8-Ohm 1W speaker.

The power supply to the LM386 is 9v.
Since I have many constraints I'm not quiet sure about how to do it. I'm able to create the correct values in the DAC but then I'm not quite sure how to feed the LM386.

  • It says that the minimum gain is 20, does that mean I have to create a voltage divider before I feed the the amplifier? (1v*20=20 > 9v).
  • Is the network (0.05uF,10Ohm) at the LM386 output described in the typical application in the datasheet necessary?
  • Can the amplifier deal with 17Khz?
  • Should I put a decoupling capacitor in the output?
  • Should I put another resistor, or is the 8-Ohm speaker enough?

As you can see I'm pretty lost thanks for the help!