Hello everybody,

I got in possession of a so long lusted turntable and a vintage preamp (a nice AR SP9) and am again trying to make my old 4311B sound, first step will hopefully soon be to build a couple of speaker stands (I like the wooden ones from Sonus Faber I saw at a friend's house) as to lift them off the ground and then was trying to figure it out if possible to upgrade the binding posts since the provided ones s*ck, they don't accept thick cables and am soon going to upgrades the power cables with some homemade ones.

I own the speakers since I was a teen, only once for the sake of curiosity I made an attempt to remove a woofer but after unscrewing the four screws it didn't move a millimeter, I guess there is some form of sealing to keep it in place and to not allow air loss, by the way, is there a method to remove the so that I can eventually mount new posts?

Further question, without removing the crossover, which I understand being located on the bottom and as such requiring to remove the front JBL striped label and so on, is it possible to biwire the speakers so that once I would eventually change the posts I can already install a second couple for an eventual future upgrade of the crossover?

Thank you so much