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Thread: Question Regarding 4410, 4411 & 4412 for Near Field Listening.

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    "I must have missed the part about the OP having a $3000 budget!"

    I assure you all that OP does not have a $3000 budget and plans to sell a few MFSL records to cover picking up new JBLs.
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    Buy Used!

    A used pair of LSR 32s can be had for $600 or less. I have seen a pair of LSR 6332s from a public school for less then a thou. That was on Flee Bay. Looked unused and with original boxes and packing. These dudes have little resale value.



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    I have 4410's and 4412's. For your application, I would go with the 4410.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor_Electron View Post
    I have 4410's and 4412's. For your application, I would go with the 4410.

    Agree, but let's not forget the L110. The LE111 has a white woofer, it's just on the inside... Plus you could swap in a LE10 if you wanted the white on the outside, even update the mids and tweets to be the same as 4410 if you wanted.

    I got tired of waiting for a set of 4410's to pop up, and went that route when a set of 4410 crossovers came along.
    Now that I finished with that these popped up:
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    The LSR model, LSR6332 etc recommendations might just not be an ideal match for the 40 watt McIntosh 1700 being as they are all 4 ohm nominal loads
    JBL suggests at least 150-200 watts minimum for just about all of them if I remember correctly


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