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Thread: JBL Midrange

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    JBL Midrange

    Hi Folks,

    Thanks for creating an interesting forum!

    Itīs been over thirty years since my last JBL project, so about time to begin a new one! I have purchased two LE10A and two 2404 baby cheeks with a view to build some wife-friendly yet musical and dynamic "front" speakers - for all kinds of music and movies (two small disguised subwoofers planned). Being an audio engineer (once) the new build will be time and phase aligned out of principle. The question to the forum is which midrange to use - I may need 200 - 10k frequency range due to low order xovers at say 400 and 5k - one could go get a Morel 6" or ATC 75 dome or whatever, but it should really all JBL - in any case the midrange will do almost all the work, be audiophile quality - and hopefully look good too.

    Cheers, Tom

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    Hello and welcome

    6" CMCD on PT maybe? But that is probably not the kind of efficiency you need, nor the kind of dimension you are looking for...

    A good old LE5 derivate would fill the bill, but that is clearly not on par with an ATC dome...

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    Hello Tom, maybe look for a used pair of 115H1 which were used in the L20's. Will do your 200Hz to 3.5khz. and are about the same eff. as the le10a The 2404 have been xovered as low as 3Khz. just a thought.

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    Due to the very wide bandwidth you're looking for I'm gonna suggest some more modern parts.

    I don't know any of the specs however.

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    The C500G mid is an interesting one, but I suspects it will not go above ~2.5kHz without severe breakup issues.
    So it is one octave short...

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