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Thread: Box for 2213H

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    Box for 2213H

    I've got two nice boxes and wonder if I can use them for 2213H's? The internal volume is around 53 litres net and it has two tubes, 71 mm dia each which equals one of 100 mm dia. The length of the ports are 175 mm. I can max use a tube lengh of 250 mm. Any ideas?

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    Generally speaking the box is tuned according to the speaker we have got, not the reverse

    ... but you can sim by WinISD and play with

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    Forget vents for those drivers. A sealed box is probably best and that would be 2.5 to 3 cu ft for each driver

    that would be about 100L a piece but if you stuff your 54l box with fiberglass or poly fill you might get the peak tamed
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