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Thread: Help Needed: Jensen 12" Spkr (1930ish), Webster 6094A Amp

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    Help Needed: Jensen 12" Spkr (1930ish), Webster 6094A Amp

    I have a Jensen 12" Speaker (12 RB 1063) Series R Electro Dynamic Speaker. I was looking for any information on this speaker. I also have a Webster (Racine Wisconsin) 6094A Amplifier. It uses 5 tubes (5Z3, 56(2), 2A3(2)) and drives the Jensen Speaker. I have not been able to find any schematic or information on the transformers, caps, resistors, and chokes/inductors. In Bottom.PNG,Cap 1 is a 25 uf/25 volt Stamped G04. Cap 2 has no label Stamped G04(see pic Electrolytics) my cap meter reads 0.0000004 uF for the 25/25 and .028 uF for the unknown cap.
    What are components (5,6,7,10)? I have a transformer marked W885 I have a choke? marked W3068 Does anyone have specs on these? Does anyone know of a cross reference for Webster Parts? Images: Name:  Caps Close And Item9.jpg
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