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Thread: Altec 211 and 210 cabinet owners please chime in!

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    Altec 211 and 210 cabinet owners please chime in!

    I am reposting this over in the DIY side of this forum. Please respond over there.
    Hi everyone. I have been looking for a potential cabinet design in which to use my 4 Great Plains Audio-Altec inspired, 515-8LF drivers. The 211 is very interesting to me. If I went this route, the plans would be altered to be narrower by 4 inches, and correspondingly they would need to be a bit deeper. so a pair side by side will fit against the intended wall with is 13 feet-6 inches. not the 14 feet needed for the 7 foot wide original design. Panels will be laminate of plywood and MDF, not just 3/4 ply as originals. I wish to get overall impressions about the behaviour of these cabinets and the general sound. Application will be home theater, electronic crossover with 4th order Linquitz-Riley, so there will be direct copuling to power amp, no passive crossover. High pass side will be either direct to horns which are the very large 26"x 32" by 32" ElectroVoice HP9040 bi-radials [ I was told that the same guy that engineerd the bi-radial JBL horns also did these for EV ] driven by modified 2 way BMS 2 inchers with my custom passive crossovers...or I have the option to use also D-130 as a mid bass direct radiator between the horns and the 211.

    Important question! Does the 211 respond well to EQ to lift the extreme bass response? The plans call for a medium-soft glass fiber panel between the driver array and one side chamber...What kind of material has been use here with success? Presumably this is to keep the 2 sides of the enclosure from coupling together too much. I have seen threads with discussion about lining the interior of the cabs with absorbant materials, which would be my intent to do on all internal surfaces. I don't really want to have to use another woofer system for 'below' the the 211s, and am hoping that between room gain and parameteric EQ I can get pretty good measured flat output down to 30, with gentle roll off below that.

    It is important the higher frequency range of the 515s be unobstructed, as it is my hope to be able to run them into my big horns at 500 or 600Hz. The 211 has nice open front and set-back design, making time alignment with the high pass side real easy. The drivers seem to be really sweet up in their upper registers....hoping to go without the D130s in this sytem, so I can use them elsewhere. I currently have a pair of these 515s mounted into a large 'scoop' rear loaded horn enclosure, with I know what they sound like.

    Other sytem..TAD 1602 / Fibonacci 1 x 40 inch ribbons, crossover at 190Hz ...but right now 2 of the 515s are in the cabs, so that I can hear what they sound like....The scoop enclosures will soon be convered to large bass reflex, [ 10 Cu Ft ] as that will acutally work better with the TADs. Originally the scoops had the D130s in them, when built in early 60s by the previous owner, but I would prefer to use a different enclosure for the D130s so am happy to convert these cabs to something more optimal for the Tads. I digress,,,,,back to 211 and 210 topic.....

    Please assail me with advice and opinions on the Altec-Lansing 211 and 210 type of enclosures..
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    Dear Jennifer,

    I have had a lot of experience with these big boxes, properly worked over, they can be amazing. Send me a PM, and let's connect that way. I will say that you will have a difficult time narowing them if you want to use two side by woofers. Jim

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