I recently came into a pair of 614s that have the wrong baffle board installed. Somebody obviously cut these by hand much later than the speakers were built, as they have cutouts for cheap pizo horns among other amaturish flaws and inconsistencies. They are loaded currently with some 412C Biflex drivers. Does anybody know if this was a factory pairing? I thought these mostly held duplex drivers.

Anyway, I want to cut new baffle boards, but I want them to be as accurate as possible.

I have found plenty of people talking about plans for the 612, which is great.

As I understand it, it was possible to get the 614s with an 8", 12", or 15" transducer. This board is cut for a 12", but if the 15" was an option I'd rather go that way. I'm sure I can get the measurements for the 15" hole from the 612 plan, but wouldn't the bass reflex port be differently sized on the smaller volumed 614?

Any light shed here would be appreciated.

I found these plans for a 614, but this looks like the later utility cabinets, reminds me of 612a/b/c cabs... Any ideas? http://www.lansingheritage.org/image...closures06.jpg