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Thread: Array horn history, revisited

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    Array horn history, revisited

    In order to settle a bet and to save a LOT of PM chatter, I dug out all the
    array type horns here and took group picture(s)

    These flat front horns preceded the PT series horns and were used in the Array,
    Sound Power I and P series and a host of Dance / Club and custom shop speakers.

    When these were first used, the only drivers in the 1.5" format were the 2447 ( ferrite )
    and 2450SL / 2451 ( Nd ). Now if you look at the pictures a few things are noticeable:

    (A) The 2450SL's mounting hole pattern was smaller SO horns common to some series /
    versions were drilled for BOTH patterns. The newer gen drivers will fit.

    (B) The Depth of the horn changes with pattern and like almost ALL horns, deeper is narrower.

    (C) The 2333 60 degree horn was ONLY used in the wedge monitors ( with or without a separate
    rotating flange assembly ) and it is NOT AS WIDE...and the mounting holes ARE ON TOP/BOTTOM...
    note: JBL has 2 different part numbers for this depending on cabinet version..??

    (Ca) Rudy has discovered another variant with a full mounting flange...see pics below. This
    might explain the additional part number!

    (D) The Variants used in the Sound Power I and P series ( export only?? ) had driver mounting
    flanges that UNSCREWED so the driver could be removed from the tight space inside the box.
    ( note that the 90 degree variant isn't pictured - only the 60 )

    (E) The Horns are made of aluminum WITH the exception of some versions of the 2332.
    The version in the later array cabs is shiny Fiberglas where the version in the DMS-1 monitor
    is spray-coated on the face like the rest of the baffle.

    (F) No reference in any lit found gives a model number for the 45 degree horn so *I* am calling
    it the 2334. ha - prove me wrong...

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    A third 60* variant

    The standard JBL Array Series 4892 (and 4894) came with a 45*Hx35*V pattern horn. JBL also produced '-90' models with the 2332 90* horn. Array Series Stage Floor monitors, model 4890 and 4891, are the only Array Series I can find documentation of that were factory-built with 60* horns, which may explain the 60* horns with smaller mouths that subwoof has. I have a pair of 4890A's coming, and will post what I find in them (small 60* or large 60*) when I get them.

    There are now three known variants to the 60* horn: an aluminum horn with a standard-sized mouth, an aluminum model with a smaller-sized mouth, and a horn with a separate screw-on horn flange.

    The pictures below are of my 2332 (part#126-00012-65) 90* and 2333 60* horns. The horn on the left was removed from my field-modified Array 4892A's. It is aluminum. The original horn should've been the 45* horn in this cabinet model, as noted in the picture itself. But they turned out to be the 60* 2333 horn. I didn't notice the very faint "2333" on the casting under the paint until I took the last pictures on my bench. These are larger than subwoof's 60* horns, so they were a direct fit in my 4892A cabinet.

    2332 is on the right. I bought three of them new from the JBL tent sale, in boxes marked 126-00012-95B (B-stock). They appear to have been mounted prior to sale. There are no markings on the horn casting itself. These are the aluminum versions, as can be verified with my speed-square place into the horn bell, showing the walls are ~80-85* apart. Overall measurements are 6.5"Hx12"Wx4.5" deep. Attachment 60578Attachment 60579Attachment 60580Attachment 60581Attachment 60582
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    'Standard-size' 2333, angles, and 2353 for comparison

    More pics of this 2333 horn, including one with the 45* end of a carpenter's speed-square in the bell and pressed against the left side wall for reference. Note the angle (indicated by my finger showing beyond the 45* angle) is greater than the speed-square, ~50-55 degrees. This is consistent with other JBL 1.5" throat 60* FFBR horns like the 2383 and 2353.

    Disregard that white tag with 65* on it- that was from the former owner- definitely incorrect- this is a 60* horn.

    If you look behind the 2333 horn, you will see a 2353 profile for comparison.

    (NOTE: My JBL 1.5" throat 90* FFBR horns (2332, 2381, and 2352), all share an 80-85* flare profile)

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