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    Jbl 4310


    New poster here, but I have been reading the site for quite a while now. Last weekend, my dad gave me his old 4310 control monitors. He is re-doing his room that the speakers used to be in and had no use for them anymore. I am considering selling them, possibly on eBay. The only problem with them is my dad painted the cabinets to match his room! (he should have known better) The cabinets are in very good shape, but one corner has a dent in it. The only other curious thing is the one cabinet has a 2105 mid in it rather than the LE 5-2 that is in the other. I don't remember if my dad had a problem with it and they replaced the mid, but I find this a bit interesting. The serial numbers of the two speaker systems are only 4 numbers apart, 14967 and 14971. I believe them to be early versions of the 4310, as they do not have the model number printed on the front nameplate. They have been in the same place in his house since the early 1970's!

    Does anyone know if it would be worth removing the paint from the cabinets, either by stripping them or sanding? Or just sell them that way? I can't really keep them as I do not have enough room for them.

    These are not my first pair of JBL's. My dad worked for a sound system contractor in Pittsburgh, and used to bring home JBL speakers all the time. (I wish I had the parts that were in the basement of the office!) I bought a pair of 4301B's from him that my brother still has. I am going to get them back as they need a re-foam. I have a pair of Pro III speakers; a pair of L100S that I bought while in the Air Force in 1989. These are in the process of being re-foamed. I also have an EC35 center channel and E10 surrounds. Would love to start collecting more of these speakers!

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