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An Intriguing Recommendation Ivica !

The Schottky diode (in some respects ) is superior to the standard silicon-junction based types ( ie; most importantly in voltage drop & recovery speed ) .

Unfortunately, it's specs are inferior in the following areas ( the reverse leakage current spec might be the deal breaker for me ) ;

- Apparently I'm one of the few ( on this forum anyways ) that can hear the deleterious effects caused by the battery within the bias circuit ( it drove me nuts I must say / sounding like someone had lightly touched the diaphragm with a "phantom finger" ) . I ended up disconnecting the battery after the caps where fully "formed" ( & then would let the caps slowly float/deflate as the AC beat up on the DC, before eventually rebiasing ) .

- I'll need to try both ( types of diodes ) to see if there's an apparent sonic difference .

Thanks for the suggestion !

Hi Earl K,

It would be nice to inform us about your experiments with the diodes types, and battery too.

Here diode current is limited by the large serial resistor ( over 10 kOhms), but the problem is that in the most of the time signal amplitude is small because of high efficiency speakers ( 43xx, 44xx SPL is over 93 dB/1W/1m ) so only several Volts are present. Some time amplifier 'cross-over distortion' (owing to small signal present) can be present.