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Thread: JBL L250's or 250TI's????

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    Question JBL L250's or 250TI's????

    Which speakers are better and more valuable. Does anyone know about how many original L250's were produced? I've done some research on here, but really want to get peoples opinions on what one's they like better, both for sound and rarety of them.
    I'm the original owner a pair of original L250's that are in perfect shape, not a scratch on them. The only thing that's ever been done of course is the foam. I still have all the original paperwork and boxes. I've somewhat thought about selling them due to space but don't think I could ever part with them.(If I do I'll post them on here first to give you guys 1st shot before ebay). But anyway, I just would really like to get others input on what they feel is better and how rare they really are. Thanks for anyones input.

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    Value is in the eye of the beholder. Both are stupendously good speakers. 250ti and its several iterations are at the top of the evolution of the model and generally preferred. So 250ti usually has higher sale prices. The L250 can still be converted to a 250ti if you can find the ti crossovers.

    Sounds like you have a pristine pair, the original packing is a definite plus. Touch nothing, keep them till you die. The only legitimate reason to part with them would be because you have a too-small room and no chance of correcting that. IF you could find an equally nice pair of 250ti and want to sell the L250 to pay for them, that's also a good reason.

    Bottom line is that in a room of sufficient size they will best newer speakers costing many thousands of $. They are a perfect storm of design and build quality. And they are damn sexy.

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