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Thread: What model is this?

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    Definitely a unique speaker... a beautifully executed one with genuine Brazilian rosewood. Even though it is a home made speaker, this one is special and deserves to be kept. If the sound isn't quite what you like, I'd suggest getting help changing the business end.


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    Quote Originally Posted by gmitten View Post
    I recently bought a 1950's contemporary house from the original owner. He was a big music fan and left me what seems to be a .... .... speaker.
    Thanks in advance,
    if you like music, its worth keeping.

    university woofer.

    `````````````````````````````````````````````````` ```````````
    and of course,

    sound better w/tube amps ...

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    It may not be JBL but I love the cabinet, the rose wood veneer is very nice. I would imgine the system would sound very nice with up to date crossovers and tweeters.

    The woofers are University C-15W....great woofer, heavy as heck.
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