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Thread: Found an unexpected source for JBL Pro products

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    Found an unexpected source for JBL Pro products

    While doing a bit of recreational web surfing recently, I stumbled across a website with many owners' manual, data sheets, and even a few service manuals. I think this company is located somewhere in Australia and is a professional sound design, installation, and sales company. The information contains a plethora of pro & commercial JBL equipment I have never heard of, and the files on the site also include other brands of pro equipment.
    Of late it seems that much information formerly accessible on line for discontinued JBL Pro gear and speaker components is no longer there. So I figured this site will be a valuable resource (as long as it lasts, I suggest you download all you need now).
    Regards, D_E
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    I’ve been to that outlet several times. It’s a venue fit out and hire business. There’s no legacy equipment for sale. That was 30 years ago or more.

    The prior Australian importer Jands dropped JBL Pro after a 40 year relationship. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. The stuff coming out of Mexico looks like it comes out of Mexico. Did you know most loudspeaker magnets are sourced from Argentina. JBL is handled by someone else called CMI over here. There are a number of completing world class touring array system manufacturers who run systems around the continent with tour promotors and jbl are just another brand now.

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