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    is 460 USD a good price on 4412:s? grilles missing....

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    Not bad at all

    That's a decent price if they are in good working order. I have a friend with a pair for sale if this one falls through. They've just been on his shelf since I hooked him up with some 240ti's. Wonder why :-)


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    Grilles available from JBL Pro. Yup, the original ones....

    Last pair of 4412's I bought on eBay I got for $300. Thought I got a "Steal." When they arrived, it was apparent they had been used as sawhorses. Described as "Near MINT," the cabinet surfaces were not shown in the auction; they came boxed in muffler cartons.

    Ah, well.... Another refinish project for the Zilchter, whenever the time comes. Them and my Discos, some AR's and L88's. And L100's, eventually. For now, they play nicely in my shop....
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