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Thread: 2225/2235h conversion question

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    Quote Originally Posted by ds23man View Post
    I was just curious about the exact cone weight, 2234 has a mms of 105 gram.
    Most of us ( who have been here long enough ) know that JBLs' official "MMS" figure for the 2234, is well,,, it's bogus .
    - That figure is best interpreted as "MMD" ( which is static cone assembly weight / with no air load ) .

    I have a reproduction recone in parts which is weighing 106 gram +/- 2 ( spider, voicecoil and cone, no glue)

    Voicecoil former: 37.9 mm
    Voicecoil height: 19.1mm
    The weight looks good / but the voicecoil former ( just like the OPs ) is somewhat too long . It should be 31.75 mm .

    <> EarlK

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    Hello Earl,

    That is why it is very interesting to know the actual weight of the original recone! If you want to know the "recipe", you need to know the ingredients. Not all figures are on the web you know. And I don't have a original recone at hand right now, the last 2235's ( 12 pieces) I did was 6 six year ago. Will post some pictures of this aftermarket set and will do some T&S parameter testing.

    Regards Gerhard

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