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Thread: Is this how one should EQ

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    JBL 4645

    Is this how one should EQ

    Am I missing something or is this guy EQ blind and as he mentioned "making it sound better" and donít you need an RTA otherwise your blind as bat EQ the loudspeaker to be flat or have curve drop off

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    i think that some folks will use an RTA or someother newer 'guide;'
    and then tweak by ear for the response they are looking to achieve...

    it (what an installer is looking to achieve) may be different for a Hi-Fi situation vs. a prosound installation....

    I have some EQs with no RTA in sight...
    and I think i can make my stack of speakers sound better with it...

    who's to tell me differently? right?

    in the end, if the owner's happy -- everyone's happy
    (is my opinion)

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    IF one really knows their system, and room, you can EQ without an RTA. But, you still have to have a real understanding of frequency, and WHAT your hearing vs what your trying to achieve.

    Generally speaking, an RTA is a very useful tool, but an RTA really only gets you part of the way there. We use the RTA to show us what the speakers are doing IN a particular room, gets us to flat, and now, at this point, fine tuning is done by ear.

    EQing is a science, and part art.

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    JBL 4645
    Well I usually start by first listening to each LCR front in turn with the AVR cycling its narrow band pink noise.

    Then mute each of the LF and listen to the HF on its own then mute the HF and listen to LF to see if its come undone in any way.

    I then set up the wideband pink noise CD dts 5.1 and use an all-channel pink noise with surrounds/sub bass all muted and one by one check the LCR for same flat response on the Technics SH-8055 RTA its bit steadier than the TrueRTA which tends to jump or jitter around with noise on the lower part of its range.

    The SH-8055 doesn’t have that issue and I can work faster with the Technics RTA over the TrueRTA which is pain in the neck, even though its 1/3 octave version I brought last year.

    I will never EQ blind again. In the days earlier I had no access to an RTA which made it thrusting.

    WTF! The neighbour below sounds like he’s doing DIY knocking on the walls with hammer at 2:59am! The neighbours below are idiots. sigh

    Also the best time to do an EQ with the RTA is late evening due to the buses stopping across the road, the RTA will pick-up the low end engine at 25Hz to 40Hz even though on spectrumlab it sees it at around 35Hz.

    So I wait before EQ with the RTA otherwise it picks up a lot of background noise and I can’t work that way.

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