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Thread: Refinishing JBL L250

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    Hi BarrryG,

    How are things going with the L250 refinish? You can send the woofers to JBL in Northridge or to Edgewound (member here) at Upland Loudspeaker Service in Upland California (authorized JBL service).

    Still looking for the Grill cloth recommendation here or at AK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barryg View Post
    The refinishing project is progressing nicely. A few of questions:
    The gray foam-like outer ring of the woofer cone is torn in a few places.
    Should the speakers be sent back to JBL for repair or should I look for a reputable speaker repair shop in my area (Los Angeles).
    An recommendations for where I can find the brown grill cloth similar to
    the original covering?
    For any of you who have actually refinished the cabinets what finish did
    you use. I'm starting to research finishes for walnut veneer. Thanks.

    Nice work Barry! Looks like Teak to me, not even sure JBL ever used Walnut on any 250's.

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