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Thread: Separation Anxiety

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    Separation Anxiety

    Howdy pardners.
    I've got a question for youse guys. I am trying to separate a couple 150 4Cs from the cabinets they've lived in for a long long time without damaging the cork(?) gasket-looking things that lie between the speaker and the cabinet.
    They've been there since Eisenhowers presidency and they're really not ready to part from their comfort zones without totally destroying the ties that have held them together for so long.

    But yeah. I think it's just the cork that's sticking, but I really want to keep it in tact. And on one of the cabs, the cork has cracked at the mounting screws.
    But is there a way to separate this things without tearing stuff up?

    See the crack?

    And why can't I see it on this side? I would rather work on this side if I need pry these things apart. And how much force is too much?

    And advice would be appreciated.
    And please understand that I am not an idiot. I'm just really cautious, that's all. And I know that I would be an idiot if I didn't ask.

    Thank youse very much.

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    Sorry I can't help.
    I wanted you and others to know what a great post this is. With pictures and excellent question.

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    You can't see the cork from the cabinet side because the outer edge of the basket is even with the cork. I'd suggest using a putty knife. From inside the cabinet.

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    Hello, I have had this problem before. What worked for me was to put a
    piece of tape at the starting point. Next a soft rag around the edge of the basket. Using a 1x2 piece of oak the length you can get in and start tapping
    with a hammer. Start lightly going around a couple of times. Also sliding your
    putty knife around to see if it frees up in spots. Please tap only by the
    frame supports. Just used this technique on some 18's that they silicone
    sealed in the cabinets. Took about 30 minutes per cabinet, what a PITA

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    Hey, I got it, man. Yeah. I used a little Hyde putty knife and a lot of patience. Set it on the floor basket side up, and slooooooly went around the rim, sliding the scraper between the cork and the cabinet, taking about an eighth of an inch with each pass around the edge. It was really difficult not to wiggle the scraper, though. But I knew if I did, something would tear or peel. And chances are it wouldn't have been the cabinet.
    It took about 30 minutes to do the first one, but the other one came off after two passes. It probably heard what I was saying to the first one and decided that it would be best for all of us if it showed no resistance and just let go.

    I appreciate the advice.
    I'm gonna leave this up just in case someone else has the same problem.
    And if they do... The two most important things to remember are patience, patience, patience.
    Speaking of patience... Don't you think that it's about time to go donate some blood? The people there are always nice and they give you free Nutter-Butters.
    So donate. The life you save may be mine.

    Oh. The separation was successful.
    Aint they purty?

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