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Thread: frankensteins monitors

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    Quote Originally Posted by demon View Post
    and im thinking about geting a stuffed troll, too

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    In the last three years came two children and fixing an old house, so my activities in speakers were very very low. So let`s check out how to load up a picture.....
    Name:  2360_PAS.jpg
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    In the bass mid cabinets are PAS 2580C 15" or better 14" speaker. This speaker is very close to altec 406er. Very lightwight cone with extrem powerful magnet, Qts is 0.2. Crossover are very low 500 Hz with 12dB. Even for "goa open airs" i had never a problem with damged mf hf voice coils or something. This system is of course by far not as loud as other pa systems, that comes because you need to baffle the mid driver up to 12dB between 1khz and 3khz to get the 2360 sound hifi like. I found out, when the quality is fine, it is not necessary to reach very high spl. And the most important reason for the 2360 is that you are not in front of the speakers, no, it feels like you ARE in the speakers! Even for large scale venue. Long time ago, we made a test between 2380 and 2360. When you ever heared the difference, you now, horns that size of 2380 are simply to small. We had a switch to choose between both horns and with 2380 you had the feeling there is no horn mounted to the driver! No joke! Try it by yourself! Hearing with 2360 is FULLRANGE! Sorry, I beginn to remember my house duty is calling.....see you later!
    Greets from munich

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    Plot for 2360 with 4590

    Hello, I found some plots on my laptop.
    Name:  2360_BMS_F-gang_komp.jpg
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    Here a very interesting plot, compared with JBL 2445J. No EQ, no crossover for both.
    Name:  JBL2360_BMS_Freifeld_12dB_Bessel_500Hz_aktiv.jpg
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    The BMS HF Unit is running passive and also the high cut of the MF unit is passive. EQing and low cut by ultradrive 2496. Measurement HobbyBox.

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    Just some more expirience with the 2360, I have seen on the specifications, that the 2360 is working even from 350 Hz with a certain JBL Driver. Than I looked in the specifications of the BMS Coax driver, and aha, this one works from 300 Hz! So I tried to go down, with the dcx easy to do, and, exactly what the specifications says, the horn load the driver down to apprx. 340 Hz! Filter was bessel 12db. I was realy surprised who deep the setup can play, even 500 Hz which I used befor, was quiet deep. So, I had to do the sound for a little birthday party, I fixed the crossover by 400Hz, bessel 12dB. The advantage was, that I just put one mono woofer on the floor. Of course, I had not the best feeling bevor this event, because I doubt that this will work out. But it does very well. Woofer was a 15" Beyma. One funny thing, a man came to me, and ask whow it is possible, that he stand in the back of the room and its more or less the same sound level than direct in the front of the horns. This is one reason, why I think, that very big hf horns sound so good. They transmitt the sound much better to the air because they have this big surface. You could say, they "flood" the room with sound.

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    Hey Zeno
    thanks for the update. to me it sounds a bit crazy, but why not. I might give it a shot myself, when I've sold the 4435 and have my biggies back. at least, until I sell them too

    I'm selling a pair of JBL 4435 in Vienna, Austria

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