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Thread: Need help with passive crossover!!

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    Need help with passive crossover!!

    Hi I've read the forum for some time, but i am a new member, I would like to try a passive crossover on my system. I am currently tri-amping. Would I loose any sound performance by going that way. I have never experimented much with passive crossovers before, so my knowledge is limited. My set-up is K-Horn bottoms loaded with EV Force-15. Mid Horn is JBL 2380A w/2445j drivers, HF is JBL 2404 Baby Cheeks. Does anyone know of anyone who could make crossovers for my paticular setup? Or should I stay with Active. My system is Mcintosh C28 Pre-amp/MC 250 mid amp/MC 225 HF amp/ Adcom GFA 555II low end amp/ Carvin xc3000 Active Crossover. Thanks a for listing and I appreciate any help.....Long live the HORN.........Ryan

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    For my money I would stick with the active.


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    Without a known design to copy, or the test equipment to design a new network....Stick with the active....a lot easier to dial in.

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    Wade through that thread and its predecessors. I ran it with 2404H in there somewhere.

    The 3110/3105 combination discussed may also work for you....

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